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A basic meaning for chemistry is, substances created by the world or our universe. The etymological origin for the word “nature” is the word “physics,” which comes from the ancient Greek language; it means, “to grow.” science investigates the two sides of matter; the physical of “who we are” as well as the utmost mental question, “who am I?” even synthetic chemicals, produced from the natural understanding of organic chemistry, are variables in life, together with inorganic chemistry, which offers with the universe’s dust. God’s cosmology is about “change;” the improvement of inorganic dust into organic life is the utmost example. Today’s surviving is a double-edged sword, held by one opponent. The rich with their produced products are cheap, telling us these “goods” are much better than Earth’s wisdom. As long as society keeps supporting the “have’s” controlling the “have not’s,” materialism doesn’t change. hardship is politically motivated, doing money exchanges by the lobbyists.

Someone when said, “Life is a struggle.” These seems echo on one side of life, defined as our contemporary non-nutritive man-made lifestyle. The wild animals struggle in Nature’s garden. God’s “Garden of Eden” is for the planet’s life. Gravity is a struggle. A toddler’s body is a testament, bouncing off the floor to get up again. This struggle side of life is about “acidic” biochemistry. The body is genetically programmed to be “alkaline,” getting rid of its acidic squander daily. whatever that gets on or in our bodies dissolves into our alkaline oceans, environmentally produced from evolutionary genetics. For millions of years, Nature continues to progress its “alkaline” side of life for healthy plants as well as animals, the Earth’s food chain. To be healthy is so simple; limit or get rid of synthetic substances from our interior as well as outside environments. man-made chemicals, subjected to constantly throughout life, are the body’s utmost stressor. They cause physical frictions, then acidic diseases.

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The “natural state” is a gift from God as well as Nature

Above the body, our mind’s anxiety is the greatest acid creating generator of our existence. Each organism of development wakes as much as a sunrise, metabolic chores are for daily living. Life has always been about death; both are moments as well as parts of this soulful journey. nothing has altered much, checking out our history. The natural side has evolved, adapting to the Earth. To stay or produce health, resonate with being a planetary citizen, like the rest of the world’s wildlife. The “natural state” has two meanings; the body belongs to mom Nature as well as our mind belongs to our daddy God. Being humane is a natural choice. begin with the body, Nature cleanses us of materialism; eating planetary creations will detoxify any type of addiction. then additionally work is on our mind, cleaning to dissolve as well as transcend our ego.

Life is a programmed board game. Living for the body is about getting on base. very first base is about kissing as well as a house run produces children. Living for the mind, very first base is the realization of “good.” second base is an understanding of our ego attachments. third base is fingers on a switch, turning our hearts on. The house run is sharing the planet’s healthy way of life with our fellow uninformed travelers.

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