When I came upon Ain’t No mommy Jeans, I knew I had to bring some of Shana’s “Get Out Of Those yoga Pants” inspiration to Rookie Moms. I asked her to share some ideas for helping us fight the urge to put our fashion choices on the back burner while we are out and about with our kiddos. She came up with three recommendations and I love them all. Today she will instructor us to adopt some “Cute Sneaks” and give us ideas for a sporty jacket.

Her post begins below the photo.

Cool sporty jacket + cute Sneaks = modern Mama

I hate Crocs on Moms. I also hate Keens, Tevas, and all other similar “I could be hiking/biking/rafting ideal now” types of shoes. However, many, many, lots of of my very good pals love these shoes. onları sev. I believe they are contagious. like Christmas sweaters, if enough mommies are wearing them, a lot more mommies get suckered in. So, while I refuse to support this choice directly, I will concede that if you are someone whose sport shoe will remain in firm rotation, this outfit is senin için.

Please consider the cute sneak as a much a lot more fashionable, yet just as comfortable alternative to your athletic shoes which must be reserved for an actual workout or day at the lake.

This sweatsuit alternative couldn’t be easier: throw on a amazing sporty jacket with your favorite pair of jeans and add cute sneaks. The challenge, however, is actually finding the amazing sporty jacket and cute sneaks. You want something different, something that fits perfectly, something cool. This look is so versatile (errands, park, coffee, art class, shopping, baseball game) that it’s worth spending a little extra time (and money) to get it right.

For amazing sporty jackets, I think Adidas does them the best:

Adilibria studio Track top

Adilibria studio Cape

Tiro training jacket

Cute Sneaks (NOTE: While cute Sneaks are in fact, sneakers, they are very absolutely NOT running shoes, or basketball shoes, or sport shoes at all. They are simply for walking around a city, looking amazing and being comfortable. Piperlime.com calls them “Fashion Sneakers” ):

Adidas Sailing Light sneakers

Adidas Honey low sneakers

Puma Alsten Dapper sneaker

Gola’s Ace Sneaker

Pictured on Shana (above) is an Adidas jacket, true religion Jeans, and Adidas sneaks. The babe is wearing a Zutano striped top, with the Imps & Elves Cuffed Jeans, and white Puma sneakers.

So put the sweatpants down….that’s right….now back away slowly. That’s a good girl.


Shana Draugelis is a contributor for Ain’t No mommy Jeans, a mommy fashion and lifestyle blog dedicated to all that is amazing about motherhood. She’ll be inspiring us with two additional sweatsuit alternatives next week!

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